We have assisted numerous Financial Planners, CPAs Tax Attorneys as well as individuals, during the estate planning process by documenting, valuing and cataloging personal property assets.  When one knows the Fair Market Values of their property, the decisions for allocating that property are clearer.

Factors considered can include, Fractional Ownership, Discounts, Blockage, Gift Tax, and Charitable Contributions, or, even liquidation.

​Estate Valuation

After a loved one and/or family member passes, the government wants to know the worth of inheritance for tax purpose.

Kagan Fine Art Appraisals provides appraisal reports. We also write appraisals that can be used in the distribution of assets among heirs.  And, we take the service to our clients further by advising and arranging ancillary services that are often required such as art transport, art storage, authentication requests, restoration and conservation reports and advice for the distribution to the heirs or charitable institutions.