Appraisal Information

Appraisals, research reports, and consultations are carefully researched and documented to accurately reflect current market trends.
We offer appraisal services for fine art paintings, drawings, sculpture, original prints and photographs.
Kagan Fine Art Appraisals offers reports for the purposes of estate valuations gift tax and charitable donations, equitable distribution for divorce, dispute settlements, and for insurance for either scheduling or a damage and loss claim.
All appraisals are prepared in accordance with the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Types of Appraisals

  • Insurance Scheduling, Damages & Loss Claims
  • Donations: Charitable Non-Cash to IRS Specifications
  • Estate Planning & Estate Tax on Inherited Art
  • Collateral Loans
  • Divorces, Equitable Distribution
  • Legal Issues

Our Process

1. Inspection

  • We will arrange an inspection of your items at your home, office, storage or at our premises to determine which items are to be appraised.

2. Determination

  • We determine the type of appraisal and give you a quote for the written report(s).

3. Photograph

  • We photograph the art and record its physical characteristics such the name of the artist, the size, medium, date, inscriptions, and note the condition.

4. Identify

  • Proper identification of your property is the basis for an accurate appraisal.

5. Review

  • Review any relevant documentation such as invoices, old appraisals, parts of wills, shipping bills, articles in books or magazines, etc.

6. Availability

  • If the property is not available because it is at a distant location, has been stolen or destroyed/damaged, we can, for some types of appraisals, work from client provided photographs with detailed descriptions of the art.

7. Research & Analysis

  • Research begins once we have accurately identified all the items in the collection. Information from all relevant markets is gathered and the data is analyzed.

8. Report

  • A written appraisal report is produced which includes photos and descriptions of the objects, as well as documentation of all of the relevant research with the signed Certification.

Sample Appraisal Cover

Download a Sample