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Art Appraisal

Our appraisal reports are prepared for the purposes of Estate Planning, Insurance, Legal Issues, and more.

Kagan Fine Art offers appraisals for the purposes of estate valuation, collateral loans, gift tax, charitable contribution, insurance scheduling or damage & loss, equitable distribution, and resale.

We are happy to appraise single items, and we also have the capacity to service extensive collections.

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Selling Art

We offer a safe alternative to auction houses, eliminating the risk of value erosion when work publicly fails to sell.

Kagan Fine Art provides fully researched and documented advice for clients and collectors. Our involvement in the art market enables us to offer accurate projections of correct purchase prices and marketability of art you wish to sell, redistribute or donate.

Kagan Fine Art has quietly brokered sales for 19th & 20th century American and European works of art from private collections.

We have no hidden fees and our transactions are totally discreet.

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Art Collections

We work together with our clients to bring them the best advice for collecting at the best prices available.

Collecting art is an artform in itself. Anyone doing so can—and should!—benefit from calling upon the experience of professionals who have knowledge of the art market. Art collecting requires knowledge, awareness, sensitivity, involvement, excellent negotiating skills, and, of course, capital.

We are here to help.

Kagan Fine Art offers advice and opinions on artist’s works. We collaborate with galleries and private dealers in the US and Europe, as well as brokering sales for our own clients. Collectors are well aware that art collection reflects culture, style, sensibility, and economic power. We work for art lovers who want to create highly prestigious collections.

As Personal Art Consultants, we are able to stand beside collectors in order to move untroubled through the complicated maze of the art market. Appraisal experience is excellent training for the best market research and analysis. We can be your personal art coach.

Contact us to discuss your interests, objectives, budget, fees, etc.

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Art Research

For more informal assessments, we supply basic reports that serve as a starting point for future endeavours.

Many of our clients call needing information about the quality, value, and market viability of the art they own. We offer a simple research report to provide information.

The Research report can be developed into a formal Appraisal Report at a later date.

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